How fast are these trucks?

Apocalypse 6×6 prides itself on installing proven Mopar engines through their conversion process. As result of the full conversion, the Apocalypse trucks outfitted with the tuned Hemi Hellcat engine can easily achieve 850 horsepower propelling its super vehicles from zero to sixty miles per hour in just 3.7 second. Additionally, the 392 Hemi engine is expertly installed to push out 506 horsepower in a conversion that can take as little as 21 days.

What are some of the advantages of a 6x6 over a 4x4?

Besides the aforementioned tow capacity doubling, the Apocalypse 6×6 also doubles the load capacity from a standard 4×4, because the pickup bed extensions (two additional feet), as well as the protection roll and lock slant backs, that can fully lock with the turn of a key. Lastly, having six wheels on a long frame guarantees that that truck will always have at least four tires on the ground, making for an Apocalypse 6×6 to never get stuck, even while in the most extreme off-road scenario.

Do these trucks travel a long distance?

Yes, through our patented tandem axle technology the Apocalypse 6×6 series of trucks can be used to travel long trips or as an everyday driver. The unbreakable middle axle, has been perfected to eliminate wheel hop or bumpiness therefore creating a luxury travel experience for the driver and passengers.


FEARLESS FACT: The Apocalypse Warlord 6×6 just drove over 3,000 miles across the United States while completing in the world famous Gumball 3000, achieving a steady driving speed of 120 mph for the duration of the race.

I see you have sound sold 150 trucks in the United States, but can you send me one to my country overseas?

Absolutely, we have worked with buyers to create fully custom trucks to adhere to their country’s rules and regulations. We have shipped over 30 Apocalypse 6×6 trucks around the world in nations like Canada, Dubai, India, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Cambodia.


FEARLESS FACT: Apocalypse 6×6 have successfully built and shipped over five RIGHT HAND DRIVE vehicles to countries that require it. The company have even installed a Hemi Hellcat 800 horsepower engine into their Doomsday model.


It all depends on the Apocalypse 6×6 vehicle in question and what specific components have been installed, but typically they weigh in at 7,000 to 10,000 lbs.