TruckTrend – First Look: 2021 Apocalypse HellFire

There’s no arguing the fact that standard pickup trucks are the MotorTrend Truck Group’s bread and butter. While we regularly cover all varieties of two- and four-wheel-drive rigs, there are occasions when our coverage goes outside that proverbial box, with reports on trucks that aren’t quite as normal. Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Apocalypse Manufacturing is known for building off-road rigs that break away from long-established pickup truck tradition, and its most recent creation—the Apocalypse HellFire—just might be the company’s most aggressive piece to date.
Desiigner and Apocalypse

Dupont Registry – Desiigner Checks Out the Apocalypse 6×6 Hellfire

Desiigner enjoys a day on six wheels.

Apocalypse 6×6’s creations have been catching the eyes of so many people around the globe so it makes sense that celebrities would see them as well. One such celebrity is Desiigner who checked out the brutal Hellfire 6×6. Apocalypse 6×6 posted a gallery of their time with the famous rapper on their Instagram. The Hellfire 6×6 that’s photographed is a mean machine. Powered by a twin-turbo diesel engine that pushed out 500 lb-ft of torque, this six-wheel off-roader is ready for anything. It also features a quarter-inch-thick full steel face bumper that houses a 9,500 lbs winch, high-output LEDs, quarter-inch-thick full steel windshield armor, marine-grade hand-stitched leather interior and so much more.

Dupont Registry – EveryDrive Carry: Apocalypse 6×6 Accessories

A stealthy design is meant to fly under the radar, while still maintaining a presence. The Apocalypse Sinister 6 6×6 does exactly that with its fully customized 4 rear-wheel extension and massive 707-horsepower Hellcat performance upgrade. In this week’s EveryDrive Carry, we have compiled a list of the best high-end products and accessories to keep a low profile without losing reliability.

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