Elevate Your Journey with Unrivaled Electric Power

Performance Extremes:

Nirvana, Apocalypse’s groundbreaking fully electric truck, boasts a quad-motor setup delivering 835bhp. Experience power and eco-consciousness like never before. From 0-60mph in a blistering 3.0 seconds to a 350-mile range on a single charge, Nirvana merges electrifying speed with sustainable endurance.

Engineered Adventurer:

Adorned with a full custom body, including a front bumper, hood, front and rear fenders with liners, roll cage, vicowl with LED bar, and a reinforced pickup bed with tubular side steps and skid plates. Protected by a full Kevlar paint job, Nirvana is built for the rugged journey.

Off-Road Dominance:

Navigate with adaptive controlled confidence. Equipped with a lift kit, dynamic computer-controlled suspension, and massive 38-inch off-road tires, Nirvana is ready to conquer any terrain.

Secure Storage Solutions:

An automated Roll & Lock feature secures a lockable storage space in the bed, while the innovative “Gear Tunnel” offers extra storage between the bed and cabin for longer items, enhancing practicality.

Luxurious Interior:

Simply Clean – Step into a well-designed and luxurious cabin featuring a large infotainment screen, high-quality materials, and advanced technology options. Comfort meets cutting-edge innovation.

Impressive Electric Range:

Nirvana features a large battery pack designed for an impressive electric range, making it ideal for those seeking both performance and practicality in an electric vehicle.