The Sin That Feels Good Six Times Over

Choose Your Power:

Elect your level of dominance with three engine options:

 – Turbo Diesel: 460 FT LBS Torque

 – HEMI 392: 505 HP, a perfect blend of power and precision.

 – HEMI 6.2 Supercharged Hellcat: 800 HP, the epitome of raw power.


Form Meets Function:

Witness the bold presence of The Sinister 6 with a solid front grumper, custom front and rear fenders, and inner fender liners. Optional lighting & Audio accessories allow you to illuminate your path whle rocking out with exterior marine grade speaker system instyle.

State-of-the-Art Safety:

Navigate with confidence using the rear mirror live cam that records audio and video,  and has optional blind-spot monitor, ensuring safety on every adventure.

Customize Your Sin:

Tailor your Sinister 6 to match your style with a range of optional accessories and features. Make a statement that is uniquely yours.

 Luxury Redefined:

Immerse yourself in opulence with Sinister 6 full custom marine-grade leather interior. Every journey is a symphony of comfort and style.

Adaptable Traction:

Conquer any surface with options for SIX (6) 38” or upgraded 40” tires, ensuring optimal grip and control. The SIX (6) hydraulic disc brakes ensure complete stopping control.